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With its advanced technology, ParaEmpleo brings together in a simple and real-time way people, companies, jobs and projects that complement each other according to the needs of the labor market, taking into account the skills, competencies and experiences.

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Are you looking for your first job? You already have a job but don't want to miss any opportunity or want to study and work at the same time? Creating your ParaEmpleo profile allows you to access all available vacancies in an efficient way, with all the jobs, professional training or apprenticeships that correspond to your competences, thus allowing companies to find you as well.

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Are you looking for the perfect candidate for your company? With ParaEmpleo you can either offer jobs or search for qualified employees for the available vacancies that suit your requirements. No need to wait for someone to apply for the job, with ParaEmpleo we show you immediately if there are potential candidates or if you have to adapt your requirements to find the required applicants.

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Benefit of free registration

The government of Paraguay through the Ministry of Labour offers a free code for everyone to have access to the platform, allowing a simple and fast job search or candidate search.
Free Code: MTESS-2018-py

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Public employment agency assistance

Need help registering? If for any reason you are not able to register, you can contact the Public Employment Agencies (DGE) located in Perú esquina Río de Janeiro, Asunción to obtain assistance with the registration and use of the platform. They will be there for you throughout the registration process, so that you know exactly how to use the platform.

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