Register your vacancies

To publish your vacancies, you must go to the premisses of the Public Employment Agencies (DGE) of the Ministry of Labour to manage a username and password or send us your details to . Once they have the corresponding registration, they will be able to register their vacancies.


The main advantages of registering your vacancies in ParaEmpleo:


  • For Companies

In the search for potential candidates you do not have to wait for someone to apply for a job, you can search for the right candidates yourself. With ParaEmpleo you can improve the overall scope efficiently, since once the criteria are defined the platform immediately shows if there are potential candidates of if they have to adapt their requirements for a new search.


  • For Universities and Educational Institutions

For universities and academic institutions that offer different courses, trainings or seminars, it is important to always be one step ahead and anticipate market needs. By registering these opportunities in ParaEmpleo you can rethink the programs of study to prepare students and adapt the courses for the professional training that is really required in the labour market.


  • For public institutions

To complete the list, the platform is also advantageous for public authorities such as state, communes, the army or the police. In fact, these institutions not only have interesting jobs to offer, but they are also constantly looking for suitable candidates. ParaEmpleo will therefore offer you the ideal solution.